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Boone Cycles & Boone Factory Racing


If you Google-mapped Boone Cycles you might think it was lost in a corn field somewhere in rural Iowa.  You wouldn't be entirely wrong.  At the heart of Boone Cycles is Boone Factory Racing and a focused effort to help support young riders compete in mountain bike racing on bikes that match their rapidly evolving talent.  It's no secret that today's best bikes are irrationally expensive, and that any small shop sponsoring young racers would need a very intentional business model -- and corn field economics fit the bill.


Exceptionally low overhead is a powerful business tool, but retail success in the bike industry is largely predicated on qualifying for the preferred price tiers that are dictated by each shop's sales volume, and that's where the adult customer comes in. Boone Cycles offers you the latest and greatest stuff at low overhead values -- all purchased in significant volume -- and then Boone Factory Racing gets more help from the brands we sell with their sponsorship of the Boone Factory Racing youth athletes.


Boone Cycles operates out of a 400 sq. ft. boutique styled shop and is a single owner LLC business designed to remain small, which allows utilization of the nations sales tax nexus threshold laws.  In short, online sales to other states are free of sales tax for the first $100k in annual sales to each state so long as Boone Cycles has no physical presence or paid sales reps in those states. It's perhaps the most small business friendly piece of legislation that our state governments have ever passed to help level the economic playing field between small businesses and online mega-retailers.  

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